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Our Solution

We have taken great care to perfectly bring together the need to produce large quantities of produce in the most sustainable manner while designing and viable and efficient economic business model.

We set up a full turnkey hydroponic vertical farming system for local business unit operators and manage the farm year round by constantly monitoring the grow areas, provide the nutrients and supplies, maintain optimal growth plans and help our business units operators run a successful high tech farm.

Custom Curated Multi-Species Farm

Unlike many other vertical farms growing a few varieties in large quantities, our operating units consist of a carefully planned distribution of leafy greens, herbs and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, potatoes, cucumbers, that can produce a minimum of 20+ tons of produce every 6 weeks.


Further, our business plan for our operating units are designed based on local market demands, pricing, and competitive environment to ensure economic success all year round.

Image by Georgia Visacri
Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Efficient Use of Space

Our vertical farming system is engineered to optimize the space available for growing produce while efficiently distributing the energy and operational costs across the growth weights of the produce and revenue generated. 


As opposed to horizontal growing plans where excessive energy is used to maintain idea climate conditions to large "non growth" areas, our vertical farms are designed to utilize the maximum space available to efficiently grow the produce in the most economic manner.

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