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Feeding a Healthy Future

We are a team of engineers and business science experts with a cumulative experience of over 50 years specializing in strategic business consultancy for innovative and disruptive technologies within various industries.


Hyper Hydroponic Farms is a subsidiary of Hyperstrategies Inc. based out of Canada and FRESHCUT and SMARTFARMS are our Commercial Vertical Farming Operator Business Unit and Not for Profit Farming Systems and Livestock Feed Brand. Our primary work consists of evaluating future technologies to develop commercialization strategies and expansion in global markets. We invest in advanced research and proven technologies that impacts humanity and quality of life.


Hyper Hydroponic Farms is a major initiative of ours. Our intense research and learnings with regards to food production, nutritional deficits and world hunger projects have inspired us to invest our time and resources to develop sustainable food supply solutions and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to participate in eliminating hunger and enable a healthy living.


Our Hydroponic Farming group are a carefully curated team of highly experienced engineers, certified agriculturalist and business management experts with direct experience in conventional and hydroponic farming. Our combined expertise has enabled us to develop a sustainable and profitable business model to install and manage indoor, controlled production vertical hydroponic farming units that can produce high yield, highly nutritious and pesticides free super food.


Our partnership business model is designed to encourage entrepreneurs, governments, and investors to participate in viable and sustainable operational units (for profits and not for profit). While business units are significantly profitable, we also can help government level operational units to address specific food and nutritional deficit needs. We strive to collaborate with our clients and business operating partners to provide them with a professionally managed, successful production and business operations that feeds a healthy future.

Checking Lettuce Growth
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